Video Downloadhelper Companion App 1.3.0

Apr 14, 2020  · vdhcoapp is a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) software providing the Video DownloadHelper browser upload-on with. Document writing API capabilities that are not to be had from the browser; temporary document call era; launching default application on a records record

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Im strolling MX-16 Linux, which runs on Ubuntu. Ive additionally been having trouble. Ive got Firefox 70.Zero, DownloadHelper 7.3.7, and just did a full installation of Companion App 1.Three.Zero, but Im nonetheless getting a message telling me to install the partner app. So, if all of us knows what happening.

It gives a way to jot down documents to the disk. The most effective ways to write down a file from a browser add-on is to apply the downloads API which essentially takes an URL and transfers the facts verbatim to the downloads directory. Even if the downloaded facts may be generated internally with the aid of the add-on, it isn’t always suitable to writing huge files like motion pictures.