Is Keepvid Safe Reddit

keepvid.Com helps you to download movies for private use, I used this web page and discovered it to be very secure and useful.

Jan 28, 2018  · The web page has closed all its video download offerings, this is to say you could no longer download some thing from the web page. Now, keepvid. Com is safe, in addition to vain.

KeepVid. Has an extension that essentially just feeds the URL to its web site. This basically works, but you could do better. Ive just used it all the time. I suggest and ad blocker as their website online looks as if it can be scummy. Ive by no means been there with out one, so I dont recognize. I simply endorse it because it works for me. File2HD. Linked on this topic.

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Is KEEPVID safe? KEEPVID itself is a website solely providing loose YouTube/video downloading, consequently it’s far safe for both PC and Mac. However, the downloading procedure requires Java installation, which comes inside the form of pop-up and thereby reminds customers of malware or virus.

keepvid.Com lets you down load videos for non-public use, I used this web site and found it to be very safe and useful.

Jan 25, 2008  · KeepVid now not lets in customers to down load motion pictures the use of its web site or pro software. Since Im an educator, I need to download movies to apply in the school room. Is there any alternative to keepvid? Thanks for Reed2018 advice, VidPaw.Com is a outstanding alternative. If anybody who desires this sort of, may additionally provide it a try.