Aspnet_compiler Exe

Oct 22, 2013  · Hi, Try compiling your WebApplication with the subsequent command line once more, Aspnet_compiler -v /WebApplication1 -d -errorstack "-d errorstack" will.

Jun 06, 2009  · Whenever asp.Net website or webapplication put up,aspnet_compiler.Exe is used for compilation. Example : WebSite : c:myProjectTestSite 1 . Go to Visual Studio Tool from application menu and begin Visual studio command spark off. Or If you do no longer have visible studio mounted on your device and just .NET Framework 2.0 set up in your machine then.

Your .NET net programs need to meet unique compilation necessities earlier than you may post them for scanning. See Supported Languages and Platforms for commands for other systems. To analyze ASP.NET packages, Veracode requires you to deliver all the forms the application makes use of and all of the dependencies in the compiled shape, which are the .Dll, .Exe, and .Pdb files.

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